Adekalu Ayodele Ezekiel was born about four decades ago to a family of Chief and Mrs. S. O. Adekalu of Ondo Kingdom. He started his early education in Ondo town. He attended Holy Flock Primary School, Ondo and later proceeded to Independent Grammar School, Ondo for his secondary education.

His University education started at Adeyemi University of Education, Ondo where he is currently a student of the Yoruba Department of the School of Languages.

Due to paucity of fund, he worked as classroom teacher in some private primary schools after his secondary education where he garnered various skills and knowledge in the educational sector of the nation.

His early exposure to work has helped him to have insights into the economic situation of most middle class parents that toil to send their wards to school. Comrade Ayodele is the Proprietor of Hope Kiddies College, Ondo. The school he founded in 2002 was a reflection of his commitments to educational development and to give the poor in the society the benefit of formal education at an extremely low cost.

By experience and exposure, he can give the definition of Nigeria education

 as an experience of overcrowded classroom, lack of required facilities which have over the years produced half-baked graduates that cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with their counterparts in the developed world; it is an experience of intimidation and exploitation that has resulted to the payment of exorbitant fee: you will be shocked to note that our leaders today were the beneficiaries of Pa Awolowo’s free education programme yet they have refused to reciprocate this kind gesture they benefited to our generation. What a pity!

Ayodele Ezekiel is an astute Christian writer that is striving daily to be like Jesus. He has published an academic novel titled ONCE A SLAVE and three christain magazines. He also produced one audio drama under the umbrella of Divine Hope Lampstand Ministry. He is happily married with children.

The administrative prowess of Ayodele reflects in his ability to manage both material and human resources ranging from secondary school leavers, NCE holders and university graduates who have worked under his supervision for more than ten years.

The welfare of the Nigerian Students in respect to conducive environment for teaching learning process, good transportation system and many other good programmes will be his utmost concern. He will operate an open door policy and transparency that will encourage all students to participate in their student government. The participation of students will no longer be to vote only. It is their government and Ayodele’s administration will encourage them to participate actively in it and not just to be onlookers,  mere commentators or spectators.

He will use his link as a Bonafide native of Ondo kingdom to ameliorate the suffering of Nigerian students, especially those residing off campus.

He will employ constructive measures, wide consultations, dialogue and scientific confrontation to resolve conflicts and serve the Nigeria students with the fear of God and respect to human dignity if by God’s grace elected as the Student Union Government President.