My name is Adesoji Adewale Christopher, sobriquet known as “Omooba” contestant for the post of Director of Finance at the level of student Union Government, from the school of Education, Continuing Educational Adult and Non Formal Education Department NCE II.

School of thought defines student unionism as the government of the students, by the students, and for the students.

If elected as the Director of Finance of this noble institution, I shall:

(i)                Keep an account of monies received from every student’s union activities which will be subjected to audition by the auditing board.

(ii)             be responsible for preparing the financial records of the central executive council in conjunction with the member of the council.

(iii)           Provide official certified receipts for all monies received on behalf of the union.

(iv)           In the discharge of my duties be guided by the financial instruction

(v)             Ensure that Queue in bank is reduced or eradicated by taking some measures like paying of dues in every bank in Nigeria, paying through ATM, Online banking also will be made available.

(vi)           Ensure that I call for congress atleast once in a semester to listen to student’s plight and opinion on the prospect of my office, and to provide solutions to challenges students face as capacitated by my office.

(vii)        Ensure that I issue another receipt for students that accidentally lost his or her S.U.G receipt so far it is duplicated.

(viii)      Ensure that my office has a suggestion box so that opinions and advice will be passed across to me.

(ix)           Spend at least four (4) hours per day in the office to attend to Nigeria student. The rich political and leadership experience of various distinguished Nigerian Aluta role models such as Akogun (Dr) Olusegun Okeowo (Grand Commander of Aluta Forces), Chief Ebenezer Babatope (O.F.R), Comrade Wole Olaoye, Comrade Danladi (First NANS President) and many more.

I have read through the Voice of Aluta  (Aluta Bible), the book that is aimed at restoring the aspirations of students union leaders in dialectically imbibe the spirit of “ALUTAISM”.

I hope to serve if the mantle is given into me. Vote Adesoji Adewale as Director of Finance.

Financial Security and Healthiness is my watchword.