Name:  Ajala Festus O.

School: Adeyemi College of Education, ondo, Ondo state.

Nationality: Nigerian

State: Osun State

Department: Integrated Science

Combination: Integrated Science/ Mathematics

Level: Degree 3

Post Aspiring for: President, Student Union Government.

Quote: Ambition without knowledge is like a marvellous boat on a dry land.

Additional Certificate: N.C.E. (2010/2011) Biology/Chemistry, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo State.  Diploma in computer Study.

Leadership Training: Citizenship And Leadership Training School Apapa Lagos (Sea School), Mountain School Jos.

Awards: Gold Medal in Mathematics (2002), The Most Vocal Nassite(2009), Adeyemi College of Education ondo, The Most Friendly Biosite (2011), Adeyemi College of Education Ondo, Ordinary Statesmanship Man O War Adeyemi College of Education ondo.  


A manifesto by Ajala Festus O. Presidential Aspirant of Student Union Government Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo State.

All protocol duely observed,

Glory, honour and adoration be to the Almighty God, the highest and mightiest, the all powerful, most glorious and wonderful God, who has given everyone of us the privilege to watch this manifesto towards this our virile School Student Union Government hale and healthy.

I am particularly delighted to thank all the articulate, workaholic, diligent and hardworking students despite all cacophony and struggles we still make it today. May God whom you serve continue to be with you in all your endeavours.  As we all know that an ambition without knowledge is just like a marvellous boat on a dry land

Now manifesto proper, we shall create an egalitarian society where democracy will be practiced in the following ways.

1.                   Student welfarism: (i) Accommodations:- We shall invite more corporate bodies  to build more hostels on campus. (ii) Transportation: - There shall be introduction of shuttle bus on campus at lower price (iv) There shall be creation of office for those who are living off campus (v) There shall be office for Nigeria Muslim Association Adeyemi College of Education Chapter Ondo. (vi) There shall also be an office for the Joint Campus Fellowships (vii) There shall be erection of modern Canopy at the okada park located at the college gate.

2.                   Human Capital Development: (i) There shall be seminar and training on some vocational skills, such as tailoring, hair dressing, bead making, decoration,  photography, video coverage, film shooting, computer editing, Liquid and key soap production  and chalk production.

3.                   Coordination of a well academic appraisal: (i) Organization of inter-school debate and quiz competitions (ii) Early pasting of results.

4.                   Reviving the social activities in school: (i) We are going to  bring in some popular artists (ii) We are going to organize awards for students, staffs and some bodies in recognition of their good work because when ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.

5.                   Sports :((i) We shall organize inter-school  football competition.

6.                   Security:- We shall work with the college security personnel’s and paramilitary organizations  to ensure adequate security on campus.

7.                   Prayer:- There shall be organization of prayers on campus to be conducted both in Christian and Islamic way.

 By the virtue of this, I want everybody to cool down and vote Ajala Festus as the President Student Union Government, Adeyemi college of Education, ondo on 29th June, 2015. Say No To Cultism, SAY TO VIOLENCE, SAY NO TO POLITICAL THUG, SAY NO TO MUGGING, SAY NO EXAMINATION MALPRACTICES. Remember your God and serve him.                      ALUTA CONTINUAL.......VICTORIA ASCERTA