The capacity of a man is not determined by his/her status or size but by the intelligent acumen embedded in him/her. I am Akinruli Oluwatosin (A.K.A) YES, 200 level bound student of the department of Mathematics (School of Sciences), aspiring to serve you as the Vice President at the level of the Student Union Government.

            Service to humanity they say is the best work of life; I have since my childhood days been saddled with responsibilities of serving humanities in numerous capacity and Portfolio, Social, Religion and Academics. The morning of change is dawn to all ramification of our union because I am here to serve and not lead. If I am elected as the Vice president, I shall uphold the provision of the constitution as contained in the Article 3, Section 4b of the Union Constitution, In addition to these constitutional duties my specific objectives are:

i.          Easy Accessibility: It is very crystal clear that one of the major reasons for failure in government is the bridge in communication between the leaders and the followers, it is on this note, I plan to generate a open and closer relationship with all the students in the sense that the Student Union will be more student-centric, we will be holding a conference every semester tagged “have your say conference” this conference will serve as hub of idea where student will be free to contribute their opinion with regards to what is happening inside and outside the Student Union and also a suggestion box will be made available in the Student Union Building to hear out your views, trust me we will make do with good views.

ii.         Transformation Activities: I plan on making the social life of our students very much complementing with their academic life by organizing talent hunt which will serve as a platform for exhibition, your skills, talent and area of gifting will be shown.

iii.        Rendering Assistance to Downtrodden Students: I shall work hard to bring information which is a step towards success to the doorstep of our students in order to provide more guidance assistance to downtrodden students experiencing personal, professional and academic difficulties.

            Among others are: Academic Talks, Entrepreneurship Training and so on; all the aforementioned cannot be realized without your support, I believe in TEAM-Together Everybody Achieves More; SYNERGY is the key, Akinruli Oluwatosin is the messenger. A vote for Akinruli Oluwatosin as Vice president is vote for progressive cum change where necessary.

            Thanks for painstakingly reading/listening to my manifestoes

                        Long live Nigeria!

                        Long live Ondo State!

                        Long live the best University of Education in Nigeria & beyond!

                        Long live AUIETES!