Greatest Arbican! Greatest Arbican!!

          What I want to say here is not different from what I’ve being saying.

          My policy, my principle and my philosophy which is Fidelity and Integrity, please you can count on that.

          I also want to use this avenue to assure the Nigerian students that: investing your trust in me is a deed you will never regret.

          I will never collide with anybody whosoever, to mis manage the funds belonging to the Nigerian students, never to be intimidated or influence by anyone, I will discharge my constitutional duties strictly in accordance with the provision of the union constitution.

          Greatest Arbicans, you will agree with me, that its not about the vibration but the action, I believe that with you, we can start a generation that is free from corruption and embezzlement. This generation is the one God has deliberately set apart to bring about the positive change, we have been desiring.

          Greatest Arbicans, this change like it is often said begins “It with you and I” let us vote wisely, let us effect positive change and once again, “you can trust in the God in me”.

God bless you

God bless Arbico land,

Aluta continua, Victoria Ascerta.