The school of Education is headed by the dean, Dr Mrs. O. A. Oyinloye, Chief Lecturer, B .A. Ed, M. Ed, PhD.

The Vice Dean: Dr P. A. Akinmusire, Senior Lecturer ND, B.A Ed, M. Ed

The Mission of the School of Education

Our mission is to be the foremost school in the production of well trained and certificated primary and secondary school teachers in all fields of education; teach students to achieve all-round and life-long education, provide teachers who have acquired adequate professional skills and produce psychologically stable students who will be able to discharge their teaching responsibilities adequately after graduation.


The official journal of the school of Education is Journal of Educational Innovations and Practice. There are two volumes of the journal in circulation presently.


  • Department of Continuing Education (DCE), Adult and Non-Formal Education
  • Department of Educational Administration and Planning
  • Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling
  • Department of Educational Technology (DET)
  • Department of General Studies (GS)
  • Department of Primary Education Studies (PES)
  •  Department of Early Childhood and Care Education (ECCE)
  • Department of Special Education and Curriculum Studies