Oladokun Olatunde-Alumnus

Deacon (Dr.) Oladokun Olatunde (JP) in 1994 graduated from Adeyemi Campus of Obafemi Awolowo University, as a graduate of History with (B.A Hons) Deacon Oladokun Olatunde (JP) is an historian of great repute who strongly believe that for the independence of any country to be real, it must have a solid and impregnable substratum of economic and technological self-determination to uphold it against the enemy’s assault and subversion.

His passion therefore for the poor who are ordinary locked out of financial services in the formal financial market for reason of their poverty forms the drive of the visionary young man to float the Non-Government, Non-religious and Non-profit oriented organization.

Deacon (Dr.) Olatunde Oladokun (JP) for his selfless to humanity particularly in the area of poverty alleviation has been honoured with various awards.