Department of Hausa Language


Brief History

Hausa language was introduced as a course of study in the College in 1990/91 Academic Session.  It was operating as a unit under the Department of Nigerian Languages comprising:-Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.  The unit started to offer Pre- NCE and later NCE courses where it started graduating students from 1994 till date.

The department of Hausa was carved out from the then Department of Nigerian Languages as recommended by NCCE accreditation team that visited the College in the year 2005.

In 1999, the department (then unit) had its first accreditation by the NCCE and the second one in 2005.  At present, the Department can boast of the following course combinations:-   HAU/ENG, HAU/YOR, HAU/SOS, HAU/CRS, HAU/HIST and HAU/PES respectively.Modern man hardly contemplates communal life without the instrument of language. Performance, especially spoken language, defines personality. For the teacher, his credibility is almost entirely anchored on his competence in   communicating ideas and stimulating learning through his use of language. Articulate and well-spoken teachers also invariably win the hearts and respect of their students or pupils.

The Mother tongue of the child is closely related to child’s total growth and development i.e. cultural, psychological and mental. Teaching and learning in the mother tongue helps in the quicker acquisition, retention dissemination and use of knowledge in other subject. Though Hausa is foreign language in Nigeria. It is also the mother tongue of the Shuwa Hausa in Borno State.

Literature generally is know to be ‘Language applied;. It is know also to embody the totality of the worldview of a people – social and political formations, culture, fears, anxieties, aspirations etc. To study a language without its literature and culture is know to be a serious disservice.


 Aims and Objectives

The NCE programme in Hausa is designed:

i)    To develop and enhance our Students’ awareness of the values, contributions

       and potentialities of Hausa social, Cultural and spiritual environment.    

(ii)  To equip them to contribute meaningfully towards the attainment of national

       goals and the satisfaction of national needs.  

(iii)  To instill in them the spirit of self-reliance, self pride andself actualization.

(iv)  To ensure that Hausa programme should have a build-in mechanism in which

        national aspirations are affirmed.  Such mechanisms should take cognizance of    

        the following issues.  

In addition to the earlier stated general aims and objectives of teaching Language. At the end of the programme the students learning Hausa and second language should:

a)      be able to understand clearly simple Hausa whether spoken or written;

b)      be able to reasonably express his/her thoughts and experiences in simple spoken or written Hausa;

c)      be able to reasonably teach Hausa at Primary or Junior Secondary levels in the absence of a trained L1 teacher;

d)     be able to pass the GCE O/Level in Hausa thereby laying a good foundation for further students in the language.


Programmes of the Department

The Department runs Hausa Languages as a second Languages with the code HAUL2. This is for candidates who do not have any previous knowledge of Hausa Languages but do have interest in studying it.

The Department also runs a Pre-NCE Programme of one academic year under the Directorate of Preliminary Studies in the College for HAUL2 candidates. Successful candidates under this programmae are made to sit for the Post UTME examination after which they are given admission into the N.C.E. Programme.

The following are the available course combinations for the programmes above:

(i)               Hausa/Yoruba

(ii)              Hausa/English

(iii)             Hausa/Social Studies

(iv)              Hausa/Primary Education Studies

(v)               Hausa/Christian Religious Studies Christian Religious Studies

(vi)              Hausa/History


The contribution of the Department so far are in the following areas

 (i)               Professional/Academic contributions

The present crop of academic staff of the department has made their academic impact felt in diverse areas especially in co-authoring a text books and publishing a various reputable journal within and outside the College.

The staff of Department of Hausa have continued to advance themselves professionally.  As at the time of writing this history, altogether there are three lecturers - one Principal Lecturer, one Senior Lecturer, and one Lecturer I. The three have Masters Degree in their area of interest.

   (ii)         Contribution to the immediate/Local Community

It is very interesting to note that some of the NCE products from this department have been employed by the State Government and private owned institutions and they are teaching Hausa in their schools.  Some others are civil servants in ministries.

  (iii)         Contribution to the Nation

The department has served as a feeder to the nation in terms of sending our NCE graduates (on their requests) to teach Igbo in different states of the nation.

(iv)           Other areas of contribution

Some of our graduates are Education Officers in different states, others are news casters in media houses and so on.

(v)            None of us undertook our NCE or Degree programme in Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, except diploma courses in Computer Studies. But some of our NCE graduate are in Adeyemi Demostration Secondary School teaching Hausa Language.