I Ibikunle Omolara Yewande Matric CSC/12/0108 department of Computer Science Combination integrated Science post A G S (Assistant General Secretary).

A G S is the Secretary in the Union Week. It is said community remain what is today because the leader as not what they should be. The office of Assistant General Secretary is more of been the Secretary to the Vice President during Orientation week here am I to Orientate the freshmen how to survive on campus and combine academic life an social life together to become a successful student.

I will work hand in hands with the general secretary and every other executive member of the union to achieve every goals and objectives of the union.

          I will help and keep records of the union for the general secretary in his absent, and work tirelessly to achieve the general secretary aims and goals.

          I submit by saying if you support me Ibikunle Omolara Yewande to emerge as the assistant secretary, welfarism to all students on campus and off campus will be my watch word.

Aluta Continua!!!

Victoria Ascerta!!!