NAME:                    KOLAWOLE OLURANTI


LEVEL:                    200

SCHOOL:               SCIENCE




Great Arbicans!!!

            I KOLAWOLE OLURANTI from the department of Biology humbly request for your support as I aspire for the post of General Secretary at the Students’ Union Government level. Here are my aims and visions.

It is said “ if nothing is done about anything, things will remain the way they are.” It is with this great enthusiasm and unbridled sobriety that I decide to make this call on the issue of uttermost importance to the welfare and growth of our school.

            Arise Nigerian student to defend what we’ve got; the effort and struggle of our past hero must not be allowed to waste. All we’ve got is this our Unionism. The union of the noble and intellect, where pen is mightier than sword.

            The office of the General Secretary is more than writing minuets and keeping records, but to work tirelessly with the executive members particularly the president to achieve the goal and purpose of serving the students we represent.

            My office, if KOLAWOLE OLURANTI is elected in, I will give opportunity and grounds to students to have a say and also make their motives known to the representatives. Respect to the office of KOFI ANNA and BANKY MOON who are past and present General Secretary  of United Nations, they both believed human want is unlimited and it has to be arranged in order of priority, so as to avoid wrong service to humanity, example is a community lacking seriously in medical and health care but the leader is working to provide good roads, OH!, what a wrong service to humanity, only people with good health will use good road.

            To avoid wrong service, student will be allowed to have a say and this will be achieved through a suggestion box that will be made available for all students to drop their suggestions, advice and complaints to de treated by the suggestion box committee which will comprise of at least a representative from each department before being forwarded to the executive committee of the union.

            The greatest aim of the student union is to promote the welfare of the whole student, if I KOLAWOLE OLURANTI is elected as the general secretary, I will ensure I work with the president, the welfare director and other concerned executives to see to the welfare of our student who stay off campus, to totally stop the way they are being maltreated by their respective landlords and landladies.

            I will submit by saying, if you support me and I emerge as the general secretary, I will work hand-in-hand with all executive members to achieve all positive aims and goals that will enhance the growth and development of our student and that of our beautiful citadel of learning, Adeyemi University of Education.

            I believe together we can win the fight against the force of feudalism, parochialism and tyranny in our political system.