Government policies should be family oriented

A Professor of Home Economics (Child Psychology) Professor Elizabeth Mngusen Kembe has called on government and other policy makers in the country to ensure that policy making in the country are family focused and oriented.

Professor Kembe of the University of Agriculture Markurdi, Benue State made this call in her keynote address presented at the fourth national Conference of Family and Consumer Sciences Society of Nigeria held at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

The Don speaking on the theme “Global Trends and Family Sustainability” noted that policy makers should consider the impact on families when determining a host of social policies concerning the well being of children, older persons, and the development of human capital, the accumulation of national wealth and promotion of sustainable development.

Professor Kembe explained that the goal of family is to enhance the quality of life, however global trends such as economic challenges, deteriorating infrastructure, manmade and natural disasters, environmental pollution, degradation, social and family disintegration, loss of communal living and loss of communities, crime, violence, urban blight and unmanageable growth have impacted negatively on family sustainability.

She opined that these development are peculiar to Nigeria, but it seems that African continent, it may be a share doom and a common call for action.

In order to contribute to family sustainable development at all fronts, Professor Kembe recommended the adoption of a systematic approach that will cut across Sthe training institution, individuals and communities.

“For sustainable lifestyles to be encouraged, a system approach will support the viability, continuity and renewability programs.  It means programmes should be responsive and proactive to communities in turn works with research and training institutions in pursuing improvement in sustainable lifestyles in food, cloth, family and households.  Community goals and specific areas of target audience must be indentified to achieve positive results, indications of success must be clearly linked to community goals.  In using a system approach target groups can be group into youth, women, children and men,” she added.

In addition, Prof. Kembe called for curriculum changes especially in Home Economics to attract more interest and student enrollment with the ultimate goal to teach with the correct pedagogy (Best process, practices, techniques) in achieving the right goals.

She also called for collaborative research across the globe especially in the African continent on issues of mutual concerns.

In his opening remarks while declaring the conference open, the provost of the College, Professor Olukoya Ogen represented by the Chairman Committee of Deans, Dr. Gbade Ikuejube congratulated the organizers of the conference and express optimism that the conference would be an exchange of sound intellectual ideas that would enriched the participants.

In her welcome address, the President of the FACSSON, Professor Mrs. Grace Ogbinmi describe the 4th conference theme as appropriate one that has the intention to focus and draw attention to family and global issues such as terrorism, war, hunger, natural disasters and the like affecting family.

She expressed hope that the conference will contribute a new, innovative ways to protect the family being the nucleus of every society.