CALL FOR PAPERS - International Journal of Science and Science Education (IJOSSE)

The above named journal is accepting articles that are original and scholastic that has not been accepted in any journal, such articles should conform with the rules below:

Rules for submission

1. Files

Please send only MS Word or PDF files. When submitting a paper for review, please include tables and figures in the manuscript file. DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE FILES. You are requested to use Times New Roman with 12 font size with double space between the lines. Justify the main text and indent first lines of paragraphs rather than spacing between them. Avoid tabs. Please number all pages except the cover page, not exceeding 12 pages (including the cover page)

2. Organization of manuscript

·         Cover Page: Place the title, author(s) name(s), contact information with phone/fax number for the corresponding author(s),

·         Abstract: Cover page should be followed by an abstract summarizing the main conclusions of the paper. Abstract should be followed by not more than six Key words. Please number this page as page 1.

·         Main body: Start the main body of the paper on page 2.

·         Tables and figures: We encourage using appropriate graphics to explain, illustrate, and summarize concepts and results without lengthy prose. Please keep the title and captions brief while placing the titles above tables and captions beneath figures. Do not embed numbers or captions in images; instead, place them outside the image, but on the same page. Tables & figures must be followed by references.

·         Notes: Use notes sparingly and keep them brief. Provide notes as a numbered list at the end of the text, not as footnotes on each page.

·         Graphs and Charts: Graphs and charts should fit the width of 1 or 2 columns. For labels use 10-point Times New Roman type.

·         Citations: Citations of other works should be limited to those which are strictly necessary. Short quotations should be included in the text within inverted commas (“ ”) while quotations of more than 30 words should be placed in a separate paragraph indented from the main body of the text. However, all quotations should be accompanied by precise references.

·         References: References should be written in APA format.

3. Correspondence and Acceptance

Please, send all papers to:
All articles accepted for publication shall receive an acceptance letter electronically.

4. Acceptance and Publication Fee

Acceptance fee of #2,000 payable to UBA, School of Science Current Account - 1015567782.
Publication fee for each accepted paper is #10,000 payable to the same account above.
The tellers of your payment in either case should be scanned and forwarded to the e-mail

5. Deadline for Submission: 31ST MAY, 2016

6. Publication Date: JULY, 2016


For further details, kindly contact