Calendar for Rain Semester 2015/2016 Academic Session

The highlights of the College Calendar for the Rain Semester of 2015/2016 Academic Session are as follows:

Sunday, 8th May, 2016 - Students come into Residence

Monday, 9th May, 2016 - (a) Registration begins for all categories of students(b) Lectures begin

Friday, 20th May, 2016 - Registration ends

Monday, 23rd May, 2016 - Registration with Penalty begins

Friday, 10th June, 2016 - Registration with Penalty ends

Friday, 29th July, 2016 - Lectures end

Monday, 1st August, 2016 - Revision starts

Friday, 5th August, 2016 - Revision ends

Monday, 8th August, 2016 - Rain Semester Examination begins

Friday, 2nd September, 2016 (a) Rain Semester Examination ends(b) Rain Semester ends