Cleric to ACE staff, students: Don’t keep malice

Workers and students in Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) Ondo have been admonished to shun the habit of keeping malice with their fellow human beings.

The advice was given in a message delivered by a clergyman, who also doubles as a lecturer in the institution, Mr. Johnson Oluremi Falade, at the August edition of the monthly prayer meeting held on Monday August 1, 2016 in the College.

While speaking on a topic entitled : ‘’ The God of new things’’, he statedthat anyone who keeps malice by remembering things done to him or her in the past, couldbe influencedby Satan to do things that would go against the will of God.

According to him, people who wish to associate with God Almighty should not harbor malice in their hearts, as they could be denied several benefits from God. He also stated that such people could have encumbrances on their ways which could affect their livesand
truncate their future aspirations.

He said:’’ Our God is a God of new things; people should not remember former things. It is very unfortunate to see nowadays that large percentage of people always remember things done to them in the past that are bad. Except people overlook the past, the thought about it,
could hinder their present and truncate their progress’’
‘’When you remember old things and events that had happened in the past, the spirit of malice is likely to come in’’, he warned.

While encouraging the people not to despair in spite of the current economic situation in the country, Falade, a Lecturer in the Department of French, expressed optimism of God’s intervention, stating that as the creator of the universe, the Almighty Father has the capacity to change the situation for good as ‘’He is the only one that could make road in the wilderness and produce rivers in the desert’’.
The cleric, while quoting several passages from the Holy Scripture in places which include Isaiah 43: 18-19; Ezekiel 36: 25-26 and Colossians 3: 5-9 to buttress his sermon, admonished Christians to shun fornication, adultery, wickedness and other negative acts, which runs contrary to the word of God.

On the contrary, he advised them to have complete change of heart by doing new things that would bring joy to them not only in the month of August but throughout the rest of their lives.

The French lecturer also emphasized the need for people to move closer to God by having a ‘’new heart and spirit’’ stating that the Almighty God would not associate with people that have the spirit of the ‘’Old man’’ but one that has undertaken spiritual rebirth to become a new

The programme held at the Olusegun Obasanjo auditorium featured activities which include bible reading, song ministration, word of admonition as well as prayers for peace, progress and unity in the College and Nigeria in general.

It was attended by some members of the College Management including the Deputy Provost, Dr. Samuel Akintunde, staff from various Departments and Units as well as students and other members of the College community.