Drama as ACE students begin exam


An adage that says whatever that has beginning must have an end is now the case for the second (rain) semester that is gradually coming to an end with the students who have just started their semester examination on Monday 8th August, 2016.

The semester which began some months ago witnessed a serene and calm atmosphere in lecture rooms and strategic places where students usually hang out before are seen quietly taken over by students who are seen busy writing examinations or reading and having group tutorials.

In few of the examination halls visited and comments from some examination invigilators reveal that the newly introduced Downloaded Tutorial List (DTL) as examination attendance sheet supporting document has actually helped the College to fish out many unregistered students who had come to sit for the ongoing examination. In fact, some students were found destabilized and worried in the examination halls when they could not found their names on the DTL. Various dramatic showswere displayed by those students involved as they seek divine intervention for way out for them. Some presented cloned registration form to justify themselves while others resolved to beg for permission to be allowed to write the examination and to do the normal registration thereafter.

As a matter of fact, some lecturers attested to the fact that when they later downloaded their tutorial lists which they have downloaded previously, the number has magically and marginally increased due to the measure introduced as some of the students have rushed to pay their school fees and consequently registered. Some of them had even paid but never registered until the examination day. It is hoped that this measure will create the awareness of early and due registration culture in students and deter those who have ever thought they can defraud the College without paying fees and write exams successfully.

On a very remarkable note, the College Management under the leadership of the Provost, Prof. Olukoya Ogen is well appreciated for the peaceful atmosphere that is witnessed in the College and in the examination halls. The examination is expected to end in the firt week of September.