Rotary Club organizes workshop on e-learning and teaching

The Rotary Club of Ondo Adeyemi College has organized a one-day ICT hands-on workshop for academic staff of the College.

The training held at the Management Information System building of the College was anchored by the Acting Director of MIS, Dr. Kehinde Adenegan.


Addressing the participants before the commencement of the programme, the Rotary Club of Ondo Adeyemi President, Mr. Olatunde Ojeyinka explained that the training was part of the effort of Rotary at improving and enhancing the performance of academic staff particularly in the era of digitalization. He promised to have more of the training as this is just for the first batch of the first phase of the planned workshops.

He noted that education, being one of the six areas of focus of Rotary, is a continuous exercise which everyone must be ready to partake.

In his presentation, Dr. Adenegan who divided the training into four modules observed that the training is relevant because online activities has taken over half part of human daily activities. The modules include academic online presence, e-review and project supervision, e-teaching and learning and lastly, specific and General Mobile phone usage.

The lecturers were also tutored how to create online account, use google for research via google scholar and academia edu global network and how to use them to monitor their student research works.

Dr. Adenegan also explained to the lecturers the beauty of the newly introduced i-Lab which gives lecturers and students the opportunity of interacting without being physically present in classrooms.

The  i-Lab platform creates a shared wireless communication network and virtual learning environment that can be used in and outside the campus environment. With i-Lab, students can connect and contribute to presentations from their own devices. ACE i-Lab is also designed in such a way that it interoperates with other software learning systems and creates a unified platform. The i-Lab platform can be accessed on while noting that Adeyemi College is seriously making waves on ICT in Nigeria and  beyond the shore of Africa.

The lecturers were also exposed to how to use various mobile devices such as iphone, tablets, computers and their numerous applications.

He noted that most phones have applications that could enhance their work apart from using it to make calls. He concluded that the type of phone a person has determines the type of functions it can perform but that most android devices now are user friendly.

Members of the Club in Ondo City and Adeyemi College of Education who were part of the training are: Acting Registrar of the College, Mrs. Olukemi Fakorede; Deputy Registrar, Academic Board, Mr. Roberts Akinkuoye, Deputy Registrar, Legal Unit, Mr. Abiodun Yusuf; Dr. (Mrs.) Brownson Akintoye: Mrs. Justina Ogboru, Mr. Siji Adeoye and Mrs. Oluseto Olatuyi.