Enforcement of Portal Generated Tutorial List for Examination Attendance; Writing Exam without Registration and Grading/Returning of Scores

The College Management has directed on the enforcement of the use of portal Generated Tutorial List for examination attendance among others as follows:

a. Portal Generated Tutorial List, henceforth replaces the use of ‘’Yellow Form’’ as attendance sheet during examination(s).

b. Writing an examination without registering for the course is henceforth an offence punishable in the College.

c. Grading of Scripts and returning of scores for an unregistered student(s) by Lecturers has also become an offence.

d. Letters for permission to register retroactively for a lost semester/session due to non-registration of courses would no longer be allowed.

e. Each Lecturer should download Tutorial List for the course(s) taught by them.

f. Lecturers with difficulty in downloading their Tutorial List and Heads of Departments who notice any discrepancy in the downloaded List should contact Management Information System Unit (MIS) for clarification.