Why breast cancer persists in Nigeria by medical expert

A Medical expert, Dr. Ndidi Okunnuga, has listed three major reasons why breast cancer cases persist in Nigeria. She listed the reasons to include ignorance, poverty and inadequate provision of health facilities.

Dr. Okunnuga made the revelation in a paper delivered on Thursday August 17, 2017 at the seminar organised by the students of Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) Ondo in partnership with Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRESCAN) Ondo State Chapter and the Ondo Queens Lions Club as part of the activities marking the 2017 edition of the Student Union week in the institution.

Speaking on the topic  entitled  : ‘’Say No to Breast Cancer’’, she described the disease as non-communicable and common among women and noted that in spite of its dreaded nature, the disease should not be referred to as death sentence, as it is capable of being treated if discovered early. The medical expert explained that breast cancer which also affect men could result in psychological and financial trauma as its treatment could become expensive and out of reach of less priviledged if allowed to get to critical stage.

Dr. Okunnuga mentioned other cases of cancer beside the one that affect breast to include cervical cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer as well as liver cancer.
On the possible causes of breast cancer, the Medical practitioner said even though there has not been any scientific discovery of its cause, she, however, stated that medical research revealed that age, diet, family history, genetics, obesity and excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption are some of its risk factors. As a means of carrying out early detection of breast cancer, and preventing it from getting into chronic stage, Dr. Okunnuga advised women and men, to always undertake daily examination of their breast by standing before a mirror, and using their left and right hands to touch their breast. She also suggested the option of medical examination, stating that the move would allow proper diagnosis of the disease.

The Medical expert listed signs of breast cancer to include swelling of the breast, blood liquid discharge from the breast nipples, change in skin colour of patients as well as swelling of the armpit. Regarding treatment of the dreaded disease, Dr. Okunnuga highlighted ways by which patients with breast cancer could be treated , to include surgical operation, chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormonal therapy and Targeted therapy while listing regular examination of breast, medical screening, eating of healthy food and non-consumption of alcohol and cigarette to mention but few as ways of checking for the disease.

Also in his paper presentation on the title: ‘’ You and Your Health’’, the Director of Medical Services, ACE Ondo, Dr. Adekunle Ogunmosin spoke on ‘’Stress and its Management’’, he explained that stress is not what happens to an individual, but the way and manner they respond to demand and threat. He divided causes of stress into two, external and internal and listed major sources from which it could occur to include announcement of death of somebody’s  spouse, divorce cases, separation of couple, imprisonment, death of family members as well as sustenance of injury, loss of job, marriage reconciliation and retirement.
On possible ways through which stress could be managed, the Medical practitioner stressed the need for people to engage in regular exercise, undertake rest and relaxation, undertake proper management of time, and imbibe healthy lifestyle among others.

The programme which held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Auditorium, which featured launch of bulletin, was attended by important personalities from within and outside the College among whom were Dr. ( Mrs) Itunu Awosika, Director International Linkages and Research; Prof. Bridget Teboh, Visiting Research Fellow from the University of Massachusetts, United State of America, Dr. ( Mrs) Maltina Onuegbu, Director Gender and Sustainable Development; Members of the ACE Student Union Executive, Members of BRECAN ( Ondo State Chapter) and Ondo Queen Lions Club among others