Cleric counsel College workers on benefits of Jesus resurrection

Workers in Adeyemi College of Education ( ACE) Ondo, have been advised to take notice of the innumerable benefits available to mankind, from the resurrection of Jesus Christ after His crucifixion in order to understand the purpose of his existence on earth. This advice was given on Tuesday April 2, 2018 by the leader of the College Pastoral team, Pastor Johnson Oluremi Falade. The preacher who is also a lecturer in the Department of French in the institution and General Overseer of The Way of Holiness Ministry ( TWOHM) Ondo City, was speaking at the April  2018 edition of the College-organized monthly prayer meeting held in the institution. It would be recalled that the Easter Day celebration, which is an annual event in Christendom set aside to mark the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion took place across the world on Sunday April 1, 2018 Addressing the congregation, the lecturer- cum cleric explained the purpose of resurrection and stated that by His death,  Jesus came to use his life as substitute and sacrifice for redemption of mankind. Speaking on a topic entitled : “The benefits of resurrection of Jesus Christ” he cited the book of Hebrew chapter 2 V 14- 18 as well as chapter 3 V 2 of the same book to buttress his points and explained that the Easter celebration, which is usually marked with dining and wining in some quarters, goes beyond merriment, but should be considered as a period, when people ought to reflect and meditate on the significance of Jesus coming to earth and purpose of His death. According to him, Jesus Christ who came to this world like every other human beings, and went through conception, birth and all stages of life, came purposely to die so that we will have eternal life. He further explained that Jesus death and subsequent resurrection came with innumerable benefits, which include gift of spiritual power through which people would be able to overcome life challenges.
Explaining what he described as strong affinity that exist between resurrection and Christianity, the College Pastoral team leader said; “If you take away resurrection from Christianity, then Christianity will just be like any other religions.” Pastor Falade reminded the congregation of the inevitability of death saying nobody can escape natural death, rather what everybody should fear is eternal death.
He stressed the need for people to abstain from sin by resisting any form of temptation, capable of moving them away from path of righteousness. Saying by seeking the help of Jesus, they would be able to resist the devil. The Preacher said:  “When you live a Christian life, you will be in close contact with God. I want to assure you that the resurrection of Jesus Christ has given us help from above to deliver us from temptations and satanic attacks.  In the light of the above, I wish to enjoin you to hold upon the power of resurrection throughout your life-time and I want to assure you that, that power will help you. In a short speech delivered on the occasion by the Deputy Provost, Dr. Samuel Akintunde who spoke on behalf of the Provost of the College, Prof. Olukoya Ogen, he congratulated staff and students and wished them more years of Easter celebrations. The programme which held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Lecture theatre featured song renditions, bible reading and offerings of prayers for the College, its Management, Nigeria nation as well as staff and students of the institution. Eminent personalities who attended the event include the Deputy Provost, Dr. Samuel Akintunde; Acting Librarian, Mr. Akinade Awoyemi, Deans and Directors, Heads of Department and Units among others.