The Provost,

The Management Board,

Dean of Students’ Affairs,

Great ARBICANS.       

          This is the morphological and physiological entity of a person small but mighty and a composed merit of  Homo sapiens Com. OLALEKE WASIU ADEWALE. A.K.A. (AKORAYE). From the Department of Biology going to my Penultimate year.  Am vying for the post of Deputy Director of Welfare at the Students’ Union Government of AUEO.

          I am presenting myself as an agent of funtionalism to see that the welfarism of Nigeria Student is guaranteed.

 According to a popular quotation, it has it that, “A man on mission without a vision will end in division” an adage says, you cannot give what you don’t have, but you can only give what you have.

          Mankind will never see the end to problems until the lover of wisdom and people become holder of the political power and holder of political power become lover of wisdom and people.

I am here to correct the popular notion by some people that everybody goes into politics to defraud the people or every politician is a corrupt leader.

 I am enthusiastic and energetic to work to the gallery and protect the interest of the Nigeria students if given the chance, collaboration and support needed.

It is on this note I present my two (2) point agenda.

1.     Core welfarism of Nigeria students:- As a Deputy Welfarer , the welfarism of Nigeria student is paramount in any political setting.  I will ensure that the core welfarism of Nigeria student such as a regular power supply for students’ use and need, regular flow of water to hostels are guaranteed.  It will not only end there, these hostels will be visited from time to time to ascertain the faults and problems which may arise in all these hostels and forwarded to the appropriate quarters for rectification and installation.

2.     Maximization of the union source of income for the benefit of Nigeria students:- we can see that in the concluding regime, the subscription to DSTV in the union building was not done due to one reason or the other. As Deputy Welfarer, I will make sure that the money collected from the buttery or other sources of income as contained in the constitution of the SUG, Article 3, Section 4 sub section F that”The Deputy Welfarer shall be the chairman of the buttery committee and be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Union Building”, so all money will be properly channeled for the benefit and enjoyment of the entire student of AUEO.

All these cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the Nigeria Students to give the mantle to a man of vision to paddle the canoe of this great AUEO by casting your vote for Com. OLALEKE WASIU ADEWALE.  AKA (AKORAYE) as Deputy Director of Welfare.