Geatest Arbicans! Greatest Arbicians!!

          My name is Oloni Ayodeji, popularly known as Ruler from the great department of Education foundations and counseling.

          I am humbly contesting for the post of Assistant General Secretary at the Student Union Government. Having fully know my constitutional duties which will be discuss in the succeeding paragraph below

           One of the constitutional duties of the assistant general secretary is to assists and debutize the general secretary in his absence, this I promise to do with all passion.

Another important function of the assistant general secretary is to become the secretary of the orientation week committee consigned to him by the central executive council.

          If emerged into this office, I shall make sure that I work closely in collaboration with the university in order to provide vulnerable students who are experiencing academic difficulties and personal issues with more guidance, so that they can be able to enjoy their university life like any other student through the help of being the secretary of the orientation week. It elected for this office, I shall also supply my own quota of reasonable knowledge to the development of the union with the aim of taking the union to another higher level, I will work closely with student and other members of the union. I shall also take the union close to the student by making time for students and be there to help them through the university everyday problems that occur with students life. This will be achieved by more visibility very week to increase interaction with students.

          I always abide by the motto “Let actions speak louder than words” and believe in serving in the best interests of the students.

          Let’s create a union to be proud of; one that is open, united, representative and accountable.

          I just want you to put your trust on me. Please let us vote wisely.

          I remain Oloni Ayodeji, popularly known as Ruler the assistant general secretary in embryo.


Long live Arbico land

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