NAME:                                  Olufemi Babatunde

LEVEL:                                    300L

SCHOOL:                               Arts & Social Science

DEPARTMENT:                   History

HOBBY:                                 Reading and Writing

YEAR OF ADM:                   2011/2012

STATE OF ORIGIN:             Ogun State

LOCAL GOVT:                      Abeokota South

ASPIRERING POST:           SUG President

POSTS HELD:            

1.     PRIMARY EDU.: Ast .Headboy, Game Prefect, Class Captain.

2.     JUNIOR EDU:  Class Captain, Game Prefect.

3.     SENIOR EDU: Class Captain, Vice- President of Press Club

After SS: President Youth Church in Lagos,

  Co- Founder Youth Fellowship,

   Member of save Nigerian Group

ON Campus: Class Governor of HIStory Degree 3,

   General Secretary ECU, AUE. Chapter,

   Chairman HRS Constitution review,

    Member SHSN

   Director of research of HRS in AUE


  • GREAT NIGERIAN STUDENTS! This is OLUFEMI BABATUNDE, D’reformer, an aspirant for the  post of SUG PRESIDENT.
  • It is expedient and germane to highlight the lacklustre attitude  of our union leaders towards the welfare of the Nigerian  students in this institution. In view of this,
  • I, Olufemi Babatunde, D’reformer, hereby present this 8 point agenda which will bring about the much desired transformation of the union.
  • As the adage goes, charity begins at home, if voted in, my administration  will  reform the union and proper structures will be laid.



1.     Establishment of Course Representatives Forum.

2.      Roof covering of Mile 12 and 13 Pedestrian way.

3.     Transformation of Arbico Broadcasting Station.

4.     Social interaction of our institution with sister Universities .

5.     Organisation of co-curricula Programmes, such as  Symposium, Debate, Skill acquisition, etc..

6.     Provision of Campus Shuttle to ease mobility.

7.     Easy access to Internet on Campus

8.     Union’s cordial relationship with other associations.