NAME:                    OLUWATOBA TEMITOPE VICTORIA            

A.K.A:                      TEMMY SMART                 

MATRIC NO:        PES/12/0320


STATE:                   EKITI STATE

POST:                     VICE PRESIDENT




          With the zeal and urge of serving Nigeria students and the entire school, I want to stress that the welfare of the entire ARBICAN is lying straight in my bossom base on this, am here by pledging that if am being elected as the Vice President in the 2015 student union election, I will make sure I discharge my duties as it is perfectly constructed Adeyemi University of Education Student Union Constitution that;

v The Vice President shall act for the president in his absence.

v Shall be the chairman of the orientation week committee.

v Shall look after the welfare of the guest of the union and be assisted by the welfare officer.

v Shall supervise the union’s properties controlled by various officers.

In Addition to this, I had also thought of the necessities of enhancing Communication system. You will believe me that it is a say that if one is not informed, one will be absolutely be deformed. And any society without a perfect means of Communication is as good as a dead society. On these notes, I will work in conjunction with the S.U.G President and PRO elect to ensure that ARBICO FM is reformed in such a way that it will gain frequency just like radio Fm of schools, like FUTA Radio, ACHIEVER Radio. Having known the usefulness of this station in the University, one can easily locate his/her lost credential, school I.D card and the likes. News and Entertainment programs that will kill boredom within the campus.

Also, if am being elected, I will work hand in hand with elected S.U.G President and director of Sport to construct Football viewing centre within the school. I have found out that most of our boys spend much money watching match outside and even risk there life staying up to 11pm, sometimes 12am outside, all the name of watching football match. I think it is of paramount important to procure these football view centre within the campus premises so that our boys can watch football match and other DSTV programs for free and in a safer environment.

And for my ladies, you will not be left out, I had found out that ladies are not always carried along by most of our previous leader or student union government due to some lackadaisical behavior of this former executive. If am elected as the V.P I will in conjunction with President and other Principal Officers to ensure that we organize various free skills acquisition programs for female and interested male student. Since is only on this note that the full definition of school definition can be achieved.

According to a noble intellect AJERE (2013), he define school as a place where ideas are marketed, thought are being traded and pedagogical prowess are being displayed. This implies that it isn’t only theoretical work( i.e Ability to read and write that are to be  inculcated with but also skills). This skills ranges from soap making, cake baking, bead making, bags and shoe making, e.t.c Since we all know that the employers offices available may not be able to accommodate the population of Nigeria graduate for white-kola Job, it may even serve as a permanent or primitive means of livehood after graduation.

However, I will work with the S.U.G President elect, other principal officers and the school management to improve transportation means within the campus and reduction of price being charged by the riders.

Finally, am promising that if am being elected as your Vice President, I will work with other S.U.G bodies to ensure that we in support with school management invite investors like fast –food, business owners, to come and invest in our school since we all know that student had been going to town for purchase of meals, snacks and Ice-Cream, after the abolishment and stoppage of operation for our only available one- TANTALIZER. Also we will call on attention of Banks on campus to build more ATM-Point for easy money withdrawal and other transactions just the way you might have observed in other tertiary Institution. This election is not a DO/DIE Affair, let us make peace with everyone.

On this note, I beseech my great ARBICANS to support and Vote for a woman of Vision, on mission, a dynamist and a welfarist. I will not disappoint you, permit me to say; Aluta continua Victoria Asaerta. God Bless great ARBICANS, God Bless NIGERIA.