NAME:                                   ORE BABATUNDE KAYODE

MATRIAL NO.:                    RES/12/0122


COMBINATION:                CRS/ENG




Of the greatest Nigeria student, this is the voice of comrade ORE BABATUNDE KAYODE, From The School of Arts and Social Science and also from the department of religious studies. I am aspiring for the post of Director of sports and Recreational activities of the student union level ( S.U.G) and here are what I have for the Nigeria student if I eventually emerge as the winner.

1.                 Faithfulness: I promise to be faithful to all my co-executives and all members of the student union and the students. At large is all aspect, and I will make sure I serve on their benefit in all aspect that I have the power to with a faithful heart.

2.                 True Government: I also promise to show and work for things are suppose to be done in the institution by making necessary arrangement for all sporting and Recreational activities in the school. It is no longer a gain saying that majority of those who ruled this college for consecutive three years now, don’t know what they stand for. They the interest of the Nigeria students and not to go there for personal and selfish interest. I am going there to make sure things are done the way it suppose to be done. Through the true governance, I am ready to re-awake the social and sporting life of the Arbicans  and make sure Adeyemi Univeristy of Education will be among the best and ever known University of Education in Nigeria.

3.                 Cordinal Relationship  with the Management: I am ready to co-operate with the school management for a good outcome of the require by making them provide all necessary information and Equipment’s that  will benefit the interest of the Nigeria students.

4.                 Exploration of Sport and Recreational Activities: I shall explore and adopt suitable means of improving the current standard of sport activities during my tenure, if I eventually emerge as the winner.

5.                 Shall organize along with the college coach in all internal and external games and sporting competitions and activities of the union.

6.                 I shall be the chairman of the sport committee and shall represent the interest of the Nigeria students in all external sports and games.

7.                 I shall public from time to time information to the general body of student of the progress in the sporting activities of the union members

8.                 I shall be the custodian of all recreational facility owned by the union and shall make available for student’s use at all time

9.                 I shall organize competitions among the students stating cup, in all aspect of sporting activities

10.            I shall maintain and manage all the available resource that is at my disposal as a director of sports.

With the above speech, I want to urge the Nigeria student that these is need change and the need to vote for the right mandate. I promise to fulfill all my promises and work for the interest of the Arbicas.

         “ Better is’nt  enough coz the best is yet to come” and in any position one finds himself/herself  one must do good for future purpose and references. My fellow Nigeria student if eventually I didn’t emerge as the winner, I will still work in hand to hand with the union in aring at a good outcome or Adeyemi University of Education.

Vote wisely your vote counts and your vote is your voice. Think, ORE BABATUNDE KAYODE for DIRECTOR of SPORT on the election coming up on Monday (29th of June,2015