A manifesto delivered by Comrade Owolabi Olufunke Vice President Aspirant from Economics Department from the school of Art and Social Science    

It's a core to service in which vice President being vital role and transformation remains an indelible factor of life

However, il is noteworthy and paramount to unveil to the entire student of Adeyemi University of Education my Administrative plan and agenda for this upcoming administrative if voted in as the vice president of (AUE). .

One of it is welfarism of the student in view of this, my administrative will make provisions in terms of welfare- state in which 3 variety of raw- food will be provided and every student will have the right to pick one during the time called Adeyemi Igbeyin still on that my government will renovate each rest room for each hostel so also there will be free shuttle within the campus with a lesser rate and provision of common room in each hostels with television and DSTV subscribe on.

Secondly which I will emphasis on, is the human right of each individuals which I believe we have 3 principle of human right, which I will only be allowed to discuss one Equality before the law every individual shall be made equal in face of law and there won't be any kind of harassment more on this my government is going to fight for the release of examination result before the end of another semester.

Thirdly is transparency, which 1 will make sure as the vice-president my plans are clear to the house with a complimentary report of any social activities.

More so the Constitutional duties of the vice-president are as follows

(1) Shall perform the presidential duties in his/her absential

(2) Shall be the chairman orientation week

(3)  Shall look after the welfare, of the guest of the union and be assisted by the welfare officer

(4) Shall assist and advice the president in all his/her duties

(5)  Shall be the chairman of the union week and be assisted by the social and publicity officer

It is on this note I want to say that, I will be looking up to the entire students of Adeyemi University of Education, Ondo to come out in thousands and vote for a responsible, reliable, tested and trusted students' right activist for the post of vice president under the

Umbrella of student union Government in person of OWOLABI OLUFUNKE.

Thank you very much

Long live AUE.................

Long lives Ondo State.........

Long lives Nigeria..............