Department of Religious Studies


1.     Philosophy

Man, his complex nature and the increasingly more complex society in which he lives, and his relationship with the metaphysical world (expressed in myths and religions) have been interesting subjects for investigation by scholars.

Religious Studies education provides that instruction should be oriented to, among others, moral and spiritual values requisite for smooth and stable interpersonal and human relations.  It is geared towards the production of teachers who possess full awareness of God’s relationship with man and whose personal character and discipline reflect authentic values and virtues, such that they will be able to function effectively as custodians of sound moral and spiritual qualities, particularly in their interaction with young learners in Schools and the Society.


2.        Objectives

Religious Studies is a core subject both at the primary and junior secondary schools in Nigeria.  Hence the objectives of the Department of Religious Studies are as follows:

(i)          To enhance the demonstration of knowledge and appreciation of the moral values needed to live meaningfully;

(ii)         To express accurately and respectively what the various religious groups believe and practice and eliminate prejudice and intolerance;

(iii)        To explore the place and significance of religion in human life and so make a distinctive contribution to one’s search for a faith by which to live;

(iv)        To logically resolve tensions and conflicts arising from interplay among various religious groups;

(v)         To radiate attitudes; and values which are typical of a mature and responsible members of various religious groups such as love, respect, honesty, and service;

(vi)        To demonstrate professional proficiencies for teaching various religious studies in secondary schools and tertiary institutions;

(vii)       To produce well-trained counselors for schools, banks, industries and establishments;

(viii)      To implement the academic programme of the Federal Government as contained in the NUC Minimum Standards;

(ix)        To encourage and promote the dissemination of professional information through scholarly publications;

(x)         To Organize in-serve training for various categories of teachers in primary and secondary schools;

(xi)        To provide teachers who have acquired adequate professional skills.


3.        History of the Department

The move to establish the Department of Religious Studies began in 1985 with the introduction of courses in Religious Studies. These courses were offered as electives by students offering Degree in other disciplines in the College. The proposed Unit of Religious Studies was then housed in the Department of History. At that time, there was only one academic staff on ground.

In 1991, Christian Religious Studies in combination with other courses were mounted at the NCE (Sandwich) programme. Part-Time lecturers were recruited externally to assist in the teaching of the courses.

The Department of Christian Religious Studies was separated from the Department of History in 1994 with a Co-ordinator, and two other academic staff. Thus, it became a full-fledged Department. Since then, both the NCE regular and the sandwich programmes had being in operation.

In 2012/2013 academic session, Obafemi Awolowo University Senate approved that Religious Studies programme commences in Adeyemi College of Education, after an inspection.


4.        HOD’s Profile

Dr. Samuel Idowu Fabarebo obtained his first degree (Religious Studies) from the University of Ife, Ile-Ife in 1984.  He had his Masters from the University of Jos, in 1991.  He obtained his Doctorate in 1997 at the same University.  He is a member of many professional bodies.  He has contributed to many International Scholarly Journals and Books.  As a veteran teacher-journalists, he has contributed more than one hundred opinion articles (feature/political) to Nigerian Newspapers.  He specialized in African Traditional Religion.  Dr. S. I. Fabarebo is the founder and life President of Visionaries of Ideals Marriage (VIM) and African creative outfit with Headquarters in Jos and Osogbo respectively.  His current interests are: Magun, Ibeji and mysterious plants in Yoruba folklore.  He joined Religious Studies Department of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo in 1998.  He is formerly the Head of Department (Religious Studies) and Vice Dean, and Acting Dean of the School of Arts and Social Sciences.  He was the longest serving Director, Part-Time Studies, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.  Dr. S. I. Fabarebo is a Chief Lecturer in Religious Studies Department.  He is back as Head of Department, Religious Studies.