Sunday Benjamin was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Mesogboriwon in few years back on the 10th of April. He was a native of Ilaje from Ondo state, he practice Christianity and was a devoted believer.

He started his educational career at God’s Hope nursery and primary school where he was made the senior prefect boy. He furthers his educational career at C.A.C grammar school in 2006 and he was made the senior prefect boy of the junior secondary school. He proceeded to Young president international college for his senior secondary school and he was also made the senior prefect boy at SSS2.

His leadership role continues when he gain admission into Adeyemi college of education in the year 2012 where he serve as the General Secretary of the National Association of Ilaje Students (NAIS)2014/2015 academic session, Adeyemi chapter. He was admitted to study Computer science and Mathematics as combination. He is interested in representing the interest of the students. And he love playing football.



Manifestoes Delivered By; Com. Mesogboriwon Sunday Benjamin.

Great Nigeria student! Of the greatest Arbicans!! My name is Mesogboriwon Sunday Benjamin from the noble department of computer science and the combination of mathematics. I am vying for the post of the General Secretary of the Student union Government (SUG) Adeyemi University of Education Ondo, Ondo state.

          The most crucial responsibility that furcated any other obligation of every executive is representing the interest of the people.

It has always be my intensity to representing the interest of Nigeria student, and that is why I am very absorbed with one of my constitutional duty of the Student Union Government Article III, section 4, subsection c, which states that I shall preside over all meetings of the suggestion box committee and shall be its direction force. I really see that as a means of implementing my primary duty which is representing the interest of Adeyemi student.

          Being the general secretary I shall work with the president to ensure we achieve a perfect humanitarian and non-partisan government, bearing it in mind that I am not there for my own interest but for the super eminent representation of all Adeyemi students. I am more than willing to follow instructions, and to give my opinions. I promise to be dedicated to whatsoever is required of me.

          With my natural vivacious personality, I hope you all see me fit for this post as I will put all my efforts in the service of the student union government 2015/2016 academic session to make it a reality and a success.

          My advice to my fellow Contestants is that, they should not see election as a do or die affair but they should know that election is a game and is either you win or you lose.

 And to my fellow student, Martin Luther king said and I quote “nothing is more noble, nothing is more venerable than fidelity. Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowment of the human mind”. My advice is that we all should be faithful to whatsoever that is entrusted to us.

Vote who is willing to serve, Vote Com. Sunday Benjamin, Vote the Best.