Conference Theme: “Education and Africa’s Transformation”

Conference Theme: “Education and Africa’s Transformation”

Conference Theme: Education and Africa’s Transformation

Monday, July 3 to Wednesday July 5, 2017 (Arrival Sunday, 2 July, 2017, departure July 6th)




Papers, which speak to one or more of the following topics within bigger themes,  are invited:

1. Decolonization of Education in Africa

a. Pre-colonial education in Africa

b. Education during colonial systems

c. Indigenous knowledge systems (including technology) and transformation in Africa

d. Language and education

e. Culture, religion and education

f. Decolonization of education and social transformation in Africa

2. Education for DevelopMent: PHILosophy, Theory and Practice

a. Theoretical issues in education and development

b. Curricula matters and the search for transformation in Africa

c. Pedagogy of teaching and education in Africa

d. Interdisciplinary studies and education in Africa

e. Teacher education and transformation in Africa

f. Ethical issues in education

g. Student-teacher relations

h. Assessments of education quality

i. Academic freedom

j. Teacher-student dynamics in African education

k. Philosophy of Education and Education Paradigms

3. Relevant Education for Integrated Global and National Interests

a. Local relevance and global competitiveness of programs

b. Globalization and educational transformation in Africa

c. Education and technological transformation

d. Vocational and technical education and training (VTET) and Africa’s transformation

e. The diaspora and Africa’s educational transformation

f. STEM education and Africa’s transformation

g. Education and teaching methods

h. The state of education

i. Language education

j. Education in Africa and teaching methods

4. Development and Politics of Education

a. The state and education in Africa

b. Impact of conflict and wars on education

c. Education and the quality of political leadership in Africa

d. Crises: Cultism, student insurrections, and the academic staff unionism

5. Funding Education in Africa: Public-Private-Parent Partnerships

a. Financing education in Africa from a historical perspective

b. Funding and education in Africa

c. Role of development agencies

d. The growing trends in private secondary and tertiary education in Africa

e. Polygamy: The role of Polygyny and Polyandry in education of Africans

f. National budgeting for education and the transformation of Africa

6. Education and Development Planning

a. Comprehensive revision of educational programs

b. Regional/Comparative analysis of education

c. The roles of national, state and local governments in education

d. Infrastructure and education

e. Role of education research in social transformation

f. Education and planning

g. Education and Africa’s economic growth

h. Basic/Primary education and Africa’s transformation

i. Secondary education and Africa’s transformation

j. Tertiary education and Africa’s transformation

k. Interdependencies of education and the library systems

1. Philosophy of Educatioi and Education Paradigms in Africa

7. Democracy, Political Development and Education

a. Democratizing education in Africa

b. Politicizing education in Africa

c. Teacher/Academic staff unions and the transformation of Africa

d. Education inequalities

e. Continuous education and professional development

f. Major African scholars of education and educationists (e.g., Babs Fafunwa, Toyin Falola, Emmanuel Yoloye) and educational transformation

8. Education for Empowerment and Employment

a. Technology, education and transformation in Africa

b. Employability of University products

c. Education, employment and job creation issues

d. Education and entrepreneurship

e. Education and youth empowerment

f. The humanities and Africa’s transformation

9. Education as Human Rights

a. Education as human rights

b. The Sustainable development Goals and the right to education

c. Educating the girl-child

d. Gender issues in education

e. Adult education

f. Sexuality and education

g. Children’s health and education outcomes in Africa

h. Disability and education in Africa

I. Poverty of education

j. Education of poverty