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Provost Welcome Address

Greetings to every member of the College Community, both staff and students. I am Samuel Akintunde, the newly appointed Provost of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo by the special grace of God. It is my pleasure to address the community at this auspicious time in the history of our College.

Foremost, I wish to appreciate all of us on our vigilance to keep the peace prevalent in the College for a considerable period now. Peace is synonymous with progress in all endeavours including spiritual growth. I am desirous of sustaining this peace. We all owe it a duty to ourselves, being stakeholders in achieving set goals for the College, to continue to be on the watch tower in order to collectively oversee and safeguard the security of the College. There is no doubt that the primary reason we are in the College is to train would-be teachers for the nation, Nigeria, with a bent towards giving the trainees life-skills to survive meaningfully and reasonably in the adult world of work. Consequently, students should be ready for learning experiences that would impact their lives in their professional training which should meet up with contemporary skills around the world. Also, they would be encouraged to gain entrepreneurship skills that could be useful for them later in life. Moreover, efforts would be made within the ambit of available resources to make learning sessions worthwhile for the students.

I need to emphasize that while we would strive to make students' stay on campus conducive, Management would have zero tolerance for cultism, gangsterism, drug peddling or addiction, raping, examination malpractice, embezzlement of students association funds, fighting , vulgarity and indecent dressing among students. Please be reminded that there would not be any parley between Management and students or their parents when caught in any of these, if they have to face justice for nefarious acts. Recent development with students' cases decided in court should be enough warning for a wise student. We would rather be involved in assisting students to develop their talents and laudable visions than keep any evil one.

It is expedient to recognise the fact that the drivers of the machinery to accomplish set goals are the staff. Invariably, since every tool needs maintenance, this administration would do its best within regulations to ensure that staff needs for professional development, health care, job security and motivation, in order to continue to record optimum returns on services, are given due attention. However, it is expected that staff in turn, are diligent and serviceable.

Dear staff members, without doubts, we have committed a lot of efforts, time, energy and resources on the desire for upgrading of the College to University of Education. All these have not been in vain. Our hope is no longer to be dashed as we have passed the twilight of the struggle and have reached the dawn of the expected day. Very soon, we all would receive the good news of the final approval of the university. I want to thank the leadership of the staff unions for their resilience and tenacity in the pursuit of this collective desire of ours. In particular I thank COEASU immensely for not losing focus on the struggle.

As I assure you of Management's commitment to the welfare of staff and students, I am desirous of collaborating with staff and students towards maintaining a robust relationship for sustaining a conducive learning and working environments. We need to synergize to watch over our campus and ensure evil minded individuals do not infiltrate our campus to perpetrate their enterprise. We must be our brother's keeper.

Finally, we need to reassure stakeholders in the host community that we would be ready to partner with all well meaning individuals and or groups that would add value to the services we are devoted to in the College. We covet the good impulses they can inject into the development of the College.
It is time to go to work. As a team, I am optimistic that together, we would reach greater heights.

Thank you all.
Remain blessed always.
Dr. Samuel A. Akintunde
Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.


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